Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog Updates - 18/8/2011

+ I added a new page to my blog Language-learning serendipity
It's going to be a list of what learning Korean has done for me - sort of in response to those who think nothing better of it, and partially so i'm reassured that it has done something for me. In a way, it serves as my memory.
The word serendipity sounds a little cliche but it does seem to capture the essence of what i'm trying to get at. Learning Korean is not limited to... whatever it's suppose to be limited to. There's no limit~! ^^

+ I've also made some minor changes in the About.
Just added links to my new page and a sentence more on what my blog is about. See if you can spot it if you're that bored.

+ Then there's my Similar Pronunciation Rating page, that is now transformed into a Similar Pronunciation page.
So now i get to have a collection of my similar words list, on top of, explaining how my similar pronunciation works on the same page.


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