Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Language learning tendency. Flaws.

We can only take part in things you could already understand

The hardest part about learning a language is creating a space in your head, almost as if you're creating another mind (within the single head of yours that you have). So that your thinking can be done in the language you're learning.

After you master learning like that, is then, when translation should come in. I think many of us starts off learning a language as if everything is translatable. I mean we know that its not, but somewhere in the language learning process we neglect/forget that knowledge and do it anyway. We think of words with equivalent meaning in the language we speak in, and unconsciously use that as our basis for understanding that word (probably until we come in greater contact with interacting with speakers of the language your learning). You can probably see the flaw here.
We can only learn, what we already know. That is, we learn about words that already exist in our language. The thing with language is that words can exist with a whole new meaning in another language. 
So essentially, we're learning through mindless assimilation. Think about it, if we take a word from another language and think of it in term of our own language - what kind of knowledge base are we building on? The one that is in our language. This isn't what you want if you aim to know another language well. You will eventually want to be able to think in that language you're learning to communicate efficiently. As to, referring back to your native mind then re-enter your self learnt language mind to conceptualise things.
['Assimilation' is one of those theories that cognitive psychology will cover when you learn about how your brain learn new things.]

So how are we suppose to learn if we don't assimilate it to things we already know - i.e. how are we suppose to learn a language if we don't use the language we know already?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cha beung (fried rice)

Being a Teo Chew, it's kind of funny that i never attempted to make fried rice until now. We eat it ever so often. Can't say my cooking here taste all that great, i really should follow a recipe or ask the mum for some guidance.

Anyways, i'm personally not so big on fried rice. In the same way i'm not that into bimbimbab. I don't like  my food mixed into one dish. It's probably due to bland taste buds or something.

Gaginang, jiat beung bwear? ;)
Right now, it's only about 2pm but make sure you eat your rice already.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dump by my language exchange partner.

I think i had a long enough sulk about this. There's a reason behind me not studying, or even trying very hard to study Korean lately (despite that i wrote that "i miss it" on my twitter). My language exchange partner just decided on his own to not meet up with me. Yes. I'm taking this a little personal. In reality, we are two strangers who don't owe each other anything. Yet, still i feel a little abandoned. After all, he kind of just didn't show, and that was it.
I guess partly, it was my fault. The last 2-3 weeks that we were exchanging language, i wasn't as attentive as i usually was. I had assessments due and finals that were doing my head in. I think he just thought i loss my motivation to learn Korean. I guess i really did lose my motivation after that though. Probably because i came to see him as a friend.
Anyways, whatever it might be, it's time to move on. He taught me well. I'll just be thankful of what i did learn from him. I'm sure i'm going to meet many more inspiring language learners that'll be as inspiring as him to help me along the way.