Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cha beung (fried rice)

Being a Teo Chew, it's kind of funny that i never attempted to make fried rice until now. We eat it ever so often. Can't say my cooking here taste all that great, i really should follow a recipe or ask the mum for some guidance.

Anyways, i'm personally not so big on fried rice. In the same way i'm not that into bimbimbab. I don't like  my food mixed into one dish. It's probably due to bland taste buds or something.

Gaginang, jiat beung bwear? ;)
Right now, it's only about 2pm but make sure you eat your rice already.

This post reminds me, I really should get to that list of Teo Chew and Korean similar words up on this blog. It's been a while since i started the blog, and I've only uploaded 2 similar words. I'm not sure how i want to present it to everyone that's why i keep putting it off. Maybe, i'll just upload the list sometime soon and deal with the rest another time. We'll see.


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