Monday, February 11, 2013

Studying language tip - use google image search

When online dictionary fails. Use google image search. That is what i've been doing lately.
See, this way you get some visuals and how the word is used in the captions.
Also, sometimes slangs are not recognised in dictionaries. If you run it through google, you might find that a word is an internet slang. Or some sort of abbreviated word that Koreans have coined up for easy use sake. Try it. It gives you context and helps with remembering vocabs you don't have a feel for.

Side cute story: My friend was telling me how her friend who've come from Korea messaged her 'wayd' to her. She assumed people will figure that it's 'what are you doing' since it's commonly used enough. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

[Buzz] 궁금해요? 궁금하면~ 500원

I like adapting punchlines/buzz words i see on tv, and turning it into a joke and all with my friends. 
So, it seems i also enjoy picking up on others doing the same on Korean tv.
It's so me.. ahahaa
Anyways, "궁금해요? 궁금하면~ 500원" translates to "Curious? If you want to know~ 500 wons"
which is pretty much the equivalent of "50c and i'll tell you". 

Whoever's subbing this show... thanks for all the background info.
I'm learning Korean through Teen Top and you ^^