In short:
Jessica. Teo Chew. Learning Korean. Bridging the two. Because there are similarities, that no one would expect. Also, a blog to aid my language learning.

The full story:
My name is Jessica. I’m Teo Chew, and currently self learning Korean.
I am a little mutlilingual, but i wouldn’t consider myself fluent in any other language, but English.
Nontheless, I was the Founder and President of Teo Chew Student Association (Gaginang UNSW) at University of New South Wales in 2010.
Honestly, my Teo Chew isn’t all that great. Especially that, of a leader, of an association would or should be.
I just wanted people to know about the language and the (Teo Chew) people to have a sense of community/identity. Too many people simply overlook the fact that Teo Chew is it’s own language, and not just another Chinese “dialect”.

Put that aside, I’ve studied Korean 1A and 1B (which is essentially the beginner level course) at UNSW.
With that i’m equipped with the basics - read, write, and communicate at a survival level i guess.
Some people will never understand (or want to understand) why i’ve chosen to learn Korean.
They take a shallow guess and assume nothing better of it.
I like to say, that there’s something in this for me other than the kpop and kdramas that i may be a fan of.
I might even actually like the language per se.
To top it off, there are a list of words that brings the language much closer to home for me. Teo Chew and Korean have some similarities, that no one seem to have realise.
I will explain and illustrate this, in time. =)

To contact me:
Email me teochewandkorean@gmail.com