Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog Updates - 18/8/2011

+ I added a new page to my blog Language-learning serendipity
It's going to be a list of what learning Korean has done for me - sort of in response to those who think nothing better of it, and partially so i'm reassured that it has done something for me. In a way, it serves as my memory.
The word serendipity sounds a little cliche but it does seem to capture the essence of what i'm trying to get at. Learning Korean is not limited to... whatever it's suppose to be limited to. There's no limit~! ^^

+ I've also made some minor changes in the About.
Just added links to my new page and a sentence more on what my blog is about. See if you can spot it if you're that bored.

+ Then there's my Similar Pronunciation Rating page, that is now transformed into a Similar Pronunciation page.
So now i get to have a collection of my similar words list, on top of, explaining how my similar pronunciation works on the same page.

Learning Korean brushes up on my self-presentation

My Korean friend suggested i record myself to practice my Korean. So earlier today, while i was studying Korean i recorded myself.
I've only recorded myself for assessment tasks when i did Korean 1A and 1B at uni. Other than that, i don't really record myself talking. Let alone, play it back to listen to myself.

What i discovered was that, if i speak/pronounce sentences in Korean towards the back of my mouth or more within the mouth (as to more at the tip of my mouth/outter part of my mouth?) - it sounded more natural and calm.
I was thinking, if it was just me or that's the case for everyone. So i tried recording myself in English, just out of curiosity. Not really thinking about anything in particular.

That's when i realised, even in English - speaking in the demeanour i spoke in just doesn't have the same effect as speaking with the back of my mouth.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just sharing an article.. on tongue extension

I'm not going to comment, but take a read at this article.
It's something i haven't heard of before, so i thought i share it.
In short, someone learning Korean had surgery on their tongue in order to be able to achieve a more perfected Korean pronunciation.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning Korean through people i have never met

I just want to say...

If anything happens to me.
It's because i talk to strangers.

If my Korean improves drastically.
It's because i'm talking to strangers.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

English-Korean Dictionary: Berlitz Korean Compact Dictionary

I was studying Korean just now, and instead of using my iph to look up a word (because my phone was in another room charging) i used my actual, physical, hand held copy of a dictionary.
I have to say, it's been a while.. even though it's neatly placed on my desk amongst other dictionaries and references that i own. You would think, if it's close by and easily accessible - one would make use of it. But no. Not for me. Why? Well, i think i just discovered why...

See, especially for a compact dictionary, there's only so much writing that a physical copy can contain. Not only that, but, one of the thing is looking up Korean words in romanisation, as I just discovered, is kind of an odd process.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cute and fun way to learn Korean - Quiz/puzzle book

I was in Morning Glory, and it was ever so random that i came across this. 
(I was probably flipping through every notebook i saw ^^)

It's a puzzle book, with instructions written in Korean. 

It was cute and there was bits and pieces of Korean, that made me think i could take this on with the help of a dictionary.
Awesome. I've got something with cute drawings to learn Korean with!

So.. i went to pay for it... 
The guy at the counter serving me thought he had to tell me "are you sure? it's in Korean". 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Teo Chew poem/rhyme

This video is uploaded onto my channel for the time being, since GaginangUNSW doesn't have it's own YouTube channel.