Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Teo Chew poem/rhyme

This video is uploaded onto my channel for the time being, since GaginangUNSW doesn't have it's own YouTube channel.

Hope it doesn't offend anyone >< 
It's all for going to show that such poem/rhyme exist. Most Teo Chew people like us, who was born or raised in Australia, have never heard of this. We normally just hear the day in, and day out speech that revolves around: eating, showering, sleeping, toilet... and so on. 
The reason why us GaginangUNSW executives found it amusing (those of us in the video), is just because it's  something so novel and lame at the same time. We don't have anything against ang mor, especially in this day and age. I can't speak for previous generations, but I'm pretty sure that the younger ones definitely doesn't identify with this piece of un-classy poem/rhyme. 

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  1. I'm a Teochew speaker and these are actually pretty similar to the rhymes I learned when I was younger, just not as offensive. haha. But there are a few rhymes usually they go along with a child's game or well as I know of it.