Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning Korean brushes up on my self-presentation

My Korean friend suggested i record myself to practice my Korean. So earlier today, while i was studying Korean i recorded myself.
I've only recorded myself for assessment tasks when i did Korean 1A and 1B at uni. Other than that, i don't really record myself talking. Let alone, play it back to listen to myself.

What i discovered was that, if i speak/pronounce sentences in Korean towards the back of my mouth or more within the mouth (as to more at the tip of my mouth/outter part of my mouth?) - it sounded more natural and calm.
I was thinking, if it was just me or that's the case for everyone. So i tried recording myself in English, just out of curiosity. Not really thinking about anything in particular.

That's when i realised, even in English - speaking in the demeanour i spoke in just doesn't have the same effect as speaking with the back of my mouth.

See, i thought it was just a case of English being verbalise using the outter part of your mouth which carries on strangely if i speak in the same demeaour in Korean. Turns out, that's not the case and it was simply the way i presented myself... without knowing.

There's no right way or wrong way of speaking, i speak in different demeanour naturally when i'm put in whatever situation it might be. It's just something i've learnt about myself that i didn't quite consciously realise. I mean, who walks around brushing up on every aspect of their self presentation without cues?  I'm grateful that it is teaching me, about me on top of the language and culture that it has to offer.

So who says, learning Korean is useless? Even if this doesn't apply to Korean specifically, it is what learning Korean has done for me. Either way, i owe it to learning this language for this self-discovery =)

By the way, while i was editing my picture (yes, it is my own photo) i came up with the idea that i'll start a "what has Korean done for me" collection. It'll be my own little pretty reminder and reassurance when an ignorant person ask me why i'm learning Korean. Hopefully, you guys will see what it has done for me in a postive light and enjoy what you see with me.


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