Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cute and fun way to learn Korean - Quiz/puzzle book

I was in Morning Glory, and it was ever so random that i came across this. 
(I was probably flipping through every notebook i saw ^^)

It's a puzzle book, with instructions written in Korean. 

It was cute and there was bits and pieces of Korean, that made me think i could take this on with the help of a dictionary.
Awesome. I've got something with cute drawings to learn Korean with!

So.. i went to pay for it... 
The guy at the counter serving me thought he had to tell me "are you sure? it's in Korean". 

I insisted on buying it anyway, and I'm so glad i did. 

I can't seem to find any traces of it online (i did a quick search of it just now). Not even sure, if they still sell it at Morning Glory too :( 


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