Similar Pronunciation

Teo Chew and Korean can have similar pronunciation to a word that has the same meaning. That is, Teo Chew words can sound like Korean words or vice versa.
In a bid to bridge what is unknown to most Teo Chew and Korean, i'm going to try post up some similarities every now and then on this blog. 

Similar Pronunciation Rating
On a scale of 3, the rating is assigned through this method:
★★★ Pronunciation being exactly the same in both language
★★ Korean pronunciation more similar to Teo Chew than Mandarin 
★ Korean pronunciation just as similar to Mandarin, as it is to Teo Chew

- 'exactly the same' can refer to pronunciation that's almost the same

- rating of two stars is compared to Mandarin because Mandarin is considered to be the Official language of China, which is where i assume Korea's Sino-Chinese stems from. 

List of similarities with links to post 

Similar Pronunciation ★★

  • self - TC:gagi K:jagi

Similar Pronunciation ★★

(I might post up the list i have on my iph up, despite not having post about it.. sometime soon)