Thursday, February 17, 2011

Similar Pronunciation:★★★ - Haksaeng

Let's start this blog off with a word that's exactly the same in both language, to just illustrate the mysteriously similar pronunciation.

Note: i'm going to to rate similarity on a scale of 3
★★★ pronunciation being exactly the same in both language
★★ Korean pronunciation more similar to Teo Chew than Mandarin
★ Korean pronunciation just as similar to Mandarin, as it is to Teo Chew

A simple sentence like: "I'm a student." will quite easily illustrate how the two languages are different, and why it wouldn't be easy for all to notice any similiarity between the two languages.

In Teo Chew, we would say something like:
wa see gai haksaeng

In Korean, you might say something like:
chonun haksaengieyo

Extra learning notes:
If you're learning Korean, you would notice that the ending particles can sometimes just make a word, otherwise known to you (in it's dictionary form), undiscernable (in a sentence).
If you're not, it's plain to see from above that haksaeng is not said/pronounced on it's own. It has ieyo attached to it.

All in all though, if you say haksaeng and do a 'i am' gesture, a Teo Chew and Korean person should be able to understand you fine ;)
Don't believe me? Try it out. Test it out on a Mandarin speaker too, to see if they can understand. Unless they know Korean or Teo Chew, they probably won't have a clue what you're talking about. Now, tell me that's cool!


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