Monday, February 7, 2011


Has anyone ever noticed any word(s) that sounds similar in Teo Chew and Korean? ...It's not just me, right?!

I'm a Teo Chew-nang and in the midst of my kpop/kdrama lovin' i've picked up a few similar words between the two languages. I know... To say that Korean words sound like Teo Chew words, can also be the same as saying "Korean words originated from Chinese characters... blah blah" to some.

I'd like to say that while this may be true, isn't it interesting that Korean words can actually sound more similar to the Teo Chew equivalent of the same word than the Mandarin's pronunciation of the same word... which it... should of originated from? I'm no etymologist. So, correct me if i'm wrong. I'll welcome it.
For now, i'm fascinated that the two has something in common that no one seems to know about. This blog will try to illustrate some of the more obvious one to someone who's Teo Chew that is learning Korean.
Stay tuned!


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