Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dump by my language exchange partner.

I think i had a long enough sulk about this. There's a reason behind me not studying, or even trying very hard to study Korean lately (despite that i wrote that "i miss it" on my twitter). My language exchange partner just decided on his own to not meet up with me. Yes. I'm taking this a little personal. In reality, we are two strangers who don't owe each other anything. Yet, still i feel a little abandoned. After all, he kind of just didn't show, and that was it.
I guess partly, it was my fault. The last 2-3 weeks that we were exchanging language, i wasn't as attentive as i usually was. I had assessments due and finals that were doing my head in. I think he just thought i loss my motivation to learn Korean. I guess i really did lose my motivation after that though. Probably because i came to see him as a friend.
Anyways, whatever it might be, it's time to move on. He taught me well. I'll just be thankful of what i did learn from him. I'm sure i'm going to meet many more inspiring language learners that'll be as inspiring as him to help me along the way.
Aja himnae!  아짜 힘내!


  1. I just found your blog. :) I'm also Teochew and learning Korean. My Teochew isn't as great as it use to be especially since I live away from home where I spoke it the most; also in learning Mandarin, some of the words of similar pronunciation replaced my own knowledge of it. :\

    If you want to practice typing in Korean, here is a useful website:

    Good luck with your blog~!

  2. @Brenda Thanks for the link. I shall give it a go.
    Hope your Teo Chew stays with you, even though your learning more languages!