Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kpop Music Festival in Sydney 2011

Since i haven't blogged in a while about anything...  Here's some delayed kpop concert photos! 

The first one is of Mychonny an Australian youtuber. He had a massive crowd trailing behind him. Priceless look on his face, as he got given a free moochi. The photo after, is of Shinee.. and my view for the night... if i actually had much of a view at all (my camera saw more than i did). Truth is, everyone was so hyped being in the same space as kpop artists that they regarded the concert as best ever simply based on that. Unless you were in VIP standing, you'd probably didn't get to see much on stage. People stood on chairs. Full stop. Seating were not elevated. 

Want close up pictures? Sure. The following pictures are credited to my friend. She got some pretty neat close up shots, i just chose a few to share here on this blog. I'm convince that Jonghyun from Shinee is looking at her camera. 


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