Thursday, September 1, 2011

Learning how to type in Korean - iPhone app

Learning how to type in Korean is a task in itself. I guess most would say that it's like starting all over again in learning how to type. I somehow wouldn't describe it that way. For starters, there are commonality between typing in Korean and typing in English. You will still have that same keyboard (thus the same layout), so therefore your fingers are centred in the same position. That already helps a whole lot with learning how to type in Korean.
Anyway, I'm not writing a post on suggesting how to learn how to type in Korean. I'm still learning myself.
I do want to share however, an iPhone app that is good for familiarising whereabouts each letters are.

The app is called 타자 연습 Type Words for iPhone Free. If you type that into iTunes you should find it with no problems, or click here. Below are some screenshots of the app.


The Waterfall is basically a free fall of Korean words and you just have to type it in before it reaches the bottom. Phrases are basically 10 different phrases presented one after another and you just take however long you need to type  it. The timer on the top right kind of pressure you into not taking forever. So that was well thought out. 

By the way, I didn't change the keyboard to Korean before I screenshot the app. It doesn't work with the English keyboard. So don't bother trying to type it in romanisation or anything. That kind of defeats the whole point anyway. So that's that. Also, i want to emphasise again that the app is great for familiarisation for when you start out learning how to type in Korean. It is an iph app afterall and learning to type in full speed obviously wouldn't be your main goal for downloading this app.


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