Friday, September 2, 2011

푸딩얼굴인식 Korean Celeb Face Match - Korean iPhone app

 Not really related to learning Korean, but anyone who has a Korean friend has probably seen this on their Facebook news feed at one stage? It's basically an app that takes your photo and matches you up to your Korean celebrity look a like.

My friend Paul has kindly allowed me to use his photo to demonstrate how to work this Korean app.
When i first met this guy, i thought he resembled my beloved Jonghyun from Shinee a little. Sorry Jonghyun. Clearly you're incomparable but for the sake of this post... Paul, you're better looking! Dies. Somebody kill me. Anyway i just discovered that an English version of this app is available. The English version seems quite buggy though. The menu and functions are the same, but it's definitely buggy in comparison to the Korean version that has been around for a while.

Click or type in the following to download the app.
 Korean version: 푸딩얼굴인식 
English version:  Korean Celeb Face Match
Read on if you're still interested in a tutorial on how to work the Korean version.
Or if you think Paul is better looking than Jonghyun....
Please leave a comment if you think this is not true =D

Here's a screenshot of the menu from the two version. 

Click on  닮은꼴 연예인 찾기 to proceed to finding your Korean celebrity lookalike.  
It'll bring you to this page:

Click on 카메라촬영 to take a photo 
Click on the one below it, that reads 사진앨범 선택 to choose an existing picture from your photo gallery.

So here's my picture of Paul. When that's opened up in the app, you'll be able to rescale it. It's probably best to scale it to fit just a bit of background, so that the face is not full blown up or too far away. Click on 선택 to crop. 취소 to cancel and go back to pick another picture out to use. 

Once you crop it, if the photo in use has a face detected, a yellow box would appear around their face. You can actually use a photo that has more than one person in it. If their faces are detected, several boxes would appear (I haven't tried using photo with more than two people, it might be stretching it beyond that). Tap on the box of the person's face you would like to see the celebrity match of.... and taaaada!

First place celebrity match is a 49% match to Jonghyun. If you click on Jonghyun, it'll actually take you to his profile, and photo gallery. The number (above) followed by 세 남자 which translate to age + male. So in this case Paul resembles a 31 year old male. It would read 세 여자 age + female if the resemblance is more female, which you gather from the blue and red bar graph next to Paul's face.  
If you scroll across the page, it reveals the following top 4 celebrity lookalike.

Yunho, Lee Hongki, Donghae, Gdragon ????
If only Paul has an idea how famous each and everyone of these guys are. 

To go back to your photo (if you used a photo with more than one person in it), click 이전 on the top left. The top right button 홈 will take you to the homepage (aka the menu), if you want to try a different photo. 

If you want to save the photo to your iphone gallery, which is what i have done, click on 저장 and this should appear:

Click on 폰에 저장 to save it to your gallery. 취소 to cancel. 
Wait a moment, and it should be saved to your gallery. 


  1. it can never detect my face! :(

  2. @Anonymous Are you trying photos with different lighting?
    It should work :/
    Switch it up a bit.
    I've tried it on everyone I can ^^ It even works with non-Asian.
    The only time it doesn't detect for me is poor lighting or poor pic quality (on the Korean version at least)
    Hope that helps~!

  3. Huh, apparently I look like some kinda Korean chick(and all my other 4 lookalike celebs are chicks too), and I'm 99% female, age 22...
    Hmm...I'm 19 and I'm a dude. Funny. :P

    1. looks like the app got humour or maybe youre a 꽃미남 :O keke

  4. What's the difference between Korean and English version? Is it still buggy as of the time being? Does it's bagginess is bearable? >.<

  5. Its not working for me! It says problem loading page???

    I am in the UK. Is that why???

  6. Why can't I download it? I'm from Philippines...

  7. i have samsung ! any similiar app ?

  8. I'm using samsung galaxy note 2..
    Is this app only limited for IOS users?

  9. I cant find it in the app store.....did they delete it???

  10. is it me or that guy is rome from c clown??? o_O cause rome's austrilian name is paul

  11. please do make it available for other non iPhone users too... hopefully...