Monday, June 6, 2011

Me and my random Korean textbook purchases

This is actually a textbook for primary school kid. Random? Not intentionally. I bought it because after a year of beginners level, one can read, and one starts to get curious. Flipping through all these textbook available here in Australia, are just depressing. Not only are the collections of textbook limited to the typical greeting, food, family, transport, school topics - they are simply boring. Typical.
Initially, i was thinking of high school 국어 (language textbook) but then i thought that would be an overload of new vocabs for me (I actually bought some other random set of books before this, that was probably of high school level). So i thought why not a primary school level textbook.

Anyways, flipping through a primary school textbook is always fun. Colours and pictures. Plus, the cultural insight into what they teach Korean kid, hopefully helps in creating an understanding of Korean's way of thinking/perspective in general (which would always help when learning a language)

How much am i actually going to learn from this textbook? I'll let you know if i see it through to the end. Right now, I'm itching to get something i can relate to better in terms of vocabs and jargon.

I found a link to a Korean blog, that has uploaded pics of the same textbook. Check it out. Those kids will make you want to study too.


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