Saturday, June 18, 2011

Curious - sentence structure and Korean's way of thinking

If Korean sentence structure is back to front compared to English....

Such that:
I want to go to _____
______가고 싶어

....does that mean they have to have made up their mind before they verbalise things out loud?
i mean we can say... "hmm... i want to go to..." but Koreans obviously have to say something different... like "어디에 가고 싶은데..."

I guess what i'm trying to say is, what a Korean speaker (speaking in Korean) say is already a thought that has pass through their mind as to what someone speaking in English can say, can be something that has yet occured to them. Is this true? ...or is it some noob learning Korean thingy-ma-bob i'm undergoing in order to uncover something new about the language?
Either way... this is going to have to wait until uni exams are over for me to look into it.
꼭 할거에요!


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