Thursday, July 7, 2011

Danger of taking Korean words out of a sentence to look up in a dictionary

I just looked up the dictionary for 자지 because i came across it in the textbook i'm studying from. To my surprise, that translate at 'dick, penis, cock and so on....' @_@ Surely, Yonsei wouldn't include such thing to teach me in Chapter 1? Anyways, i then typed in more of the sentence and found that 잘 자지 못해서... translate to something more like '....because i couldn't sleep well'

Ahh... that's a relief.

Note to self to be careful not to take things out of a sentence. Good thing for knowing enough Chinese, to know that words can mean something totally different in a sentence. Also, good thing for online Korean dictionary. You can type more than the specific vocab you're after to make sense of a phrase/sentence. I would of been stuck thinking the sentence was something more like... ah never mind what i would of thought.


  1. hahahaha! omg that's so funny xD I think I have several similar experiences last time, but the words that came out weren't so... epic.

  2. @hangukdrama Lucky i didn't ask someone what it meant! that would of been more epic >< lol