Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Note to self: make more mistakes!

So I said to my friend the other morning: "wow! you look like shit today" upon seeing how tired he appeared.
He responded with: "well, you look like crap everyday" (props to him for not letting down his guard even in his tired state)
But yeah! I had no intention of insulting how he looks physically.. It was just language "without boundary" with a close friend. By that I mean of course, that we're close friends, you know what I mean, I don't want to sound like I'm prying, but I'm a little concerned etc etc.

This is where language gets confusing.

His English ain't that great. So his response can mean one of two things:
1. I can agree, but let's insult you back.
2. What's with the insult. I'll insult you back.

First situation is understanding from both end. Everyone's just joking around.
Second is a misinterpretation due to language and culture.
So, which is it? It had left me scratching my head still, while he'd probably forgot all about it by now.

My point in writing this?
Sometimes when I'm learning another language, I'm gutless. I don't try hard enough to get past barriers, and instead, worry too much about "how foolish I might sound". I needed to be reminded.
People learning a new language can have the upper hand of controlling the flow of what's being understood. That is, if you don't fully understand... flaunt it! It's ok to be wrong. You can confuse others, just as they confuse you. You've just got to keep talking, and go with it. It can be harder for the one who's fluent to tell what's really going on. So push on, and see where the conversation leads to!


  1. Hi~ I came across your blog through Jeanne's blog and thought that your blog is pretty interesting. I absolutely love your honesty about the language learning process. I'll definitely be dropping by more often to check out your blog! ^^

  2. @creativityjapanese Thanks for leaving me this message~! ^^

    People around me aren't quite interested in what i have to say about my learning... So, to have someone read my blog on their own free will is really something =D

  3. @Jes

    Don't worry about it~! Your blog is interesting! I like reading it! ^^