Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Learn Korean slang from dramas 껄떡거리다 Big ep 10

So here's a screen capture of Gil Da Ran getting told by Kyung Joon (in Yoon Jae's body) to not be 껄떡거리다 all over him in Big ep10.

껄떡거리지 마 is his more exact words

The scene is followed by Gil Da Ran thinking through the word and this next screen actually appears in the drama.

Yay! Definition of a Korean slang from a drama.  If that wasn't clear enough on how it's used, toss it into the online naver dictionary and tadaaa! more examples on how to use the word =)


  1. Hi Jessica, what a suprise, I'm also teochew and have been writing a small mini blog about the similarities between the language. If you search Korean Teochew Language in google it should appear (blogspot).

    1. Finally! There's someone out there, that sees what i see! (..more like hear what i hear =) Thank you for blogging the similarities. I didn't know how to blog about it for it to work, but it looks like you're doing a good job. I'm going to add you to my blogroll! Thanks for leaving me a message too! I'm so excited. I look forward to seeing more discovery post from you!