Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bare minimum technique for staying interested in language learning

Looks like i've fallen into the trap of not "keeping language study a priority when life gets busy". I quote,  because this post sums up my struggles.
I've been busy and instead of really studying, i've been trying to keep myself 'interested' in studying - which is probably the bare minimum a language learner can do. 

So i guess, my learning strategies for when life get busy is to immerse myself to the www for inspiration. I find that i'm on tumblr before i sleep at night - just searching and browsing through things that catch my attention.
Visit my tumblr: www.teochewandkorean.tumblr.com ^^

I've also recently started reading Penguin loves Mev on Naver Comic after studyingkorean tweeted it. It's cute, beginner/intermediate friendly, short and light-hearted to read.
All i've gathered (so far) is that the wifey is Korean and the hubby is British, and the cartoon plays on culture and language difference. Perfect. 

I really should do more serious studying than the bare min, and make actual studying a priority again. Such a slacker, i am. 


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