Thursday, March 1, 2012

Korean movie - 도가니 Silenced / The Crucible

Must watch this movie. It's disturbing, but i like how this movie raised awareness in the Korean society. It's based on a real story (Inwha 2005 case) and it's great that Korean movies also have that ability to make a difference. I say 'also' because Korean films are great at entertaining. The Korean entertainment industry is so good at what they do, that their audience base is fascinating in itself. With this movie, it did more than just make another film. It served a better purpose, yet at the same time, it didn't lose its touch in keeping people watching. I think it's brilliant. 

Anyways, this post wasn't a movie review or anything. I just wanted to recommend this movie, because it's  different to the Korean movies and dramas that we are use to. It did well in raising an issue, in an adaptive kind of way.  People's responses were bound to be powerfully evoked, and for once it's not a fan-girling/fan-boying response that a movie sought after. 

I do suggest that people read up a little about this movie before watching it.


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