Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's possible to get married at a subway station in Korea?

Again, i'm studying from the Yonsei textbook and I come across something that catches my attention which leaves me a little bewildered.
People gets married at the subway station in Korea?!!
All i can think of is Sydney's train station in reference to imagine how it would appear. 
Quickly enough, i type in 녹사평역 for an image search in google and see how that would really look. 
Immediately, i see that their station looks rather spacious in comparison, which actually seems more feasible than the Sydney referenced imagination of a station that appeared in my head.  

A scroll down to the second page and there's actually a picture of a bride and groom. See if you can spot it. 

Just writing this post because i like to share my ignorance and what i discover while learning another language. 

Be bewildered/culture shock but always be up for learning the reality of things. 
I hope this sticks and doesn't depart with me while i continue on learning. 

I forgot to write, there's also an enclosed room for a wedding ceremony. People don't just set up some place random and get hitched there. 


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