Thursday, February 16, 2012

Naver's Korean Dictionary - Pronunciation of Korean words

You know how online dictionaries often have a button to the right side of the word for listening to pronunciation of the word you'd just  looked up? Eg just search up any definition of a word on Well, Naver's Korean dictionary 국어사전 (NOT Naver's Korean-English dictionary 영어사전 that i've previously mentioned on my blog) seems to be introducing that in their Korean online dictionary.

 'Listening to pronunciation' 바름 듣기 seems to be new to Korean online dictionaries? Correct me, if i'm wrong. I can only seem to find pronunciation function on Naver's online dictionary, and even so, it's not available for all the words that you might want to look up. At least, at present.

Anyways, either way this feature might be useful to us language learners who aren't sure of how to pronounce random words.

Click HERE for the link to Naver's Korean online dictionary.

Here's a screen capture of what you can expect to see from the site. Minus the pink scribbles ;)

1.  2.

Oh yeah..!
3. If you click the blue link (the word you searched up), you'd also get to put that word on repeat, and control the pace it repeats at.
Scroll to the bottom of that same page, you'll also find a diagram of 'similar words 비슷한말'. Good for insight into other words you could learn and use.

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