Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weird coexistence of things i like

I've been wondering how two completely different thing can coexist in my liking lately. 
They couldn't be more different. 
I undoubtedly love my kpop. The other thing is the Wallabies (Australia's team), Rugby Union.

Kpop is entertainment, Rugby Union is a sport.
With Kpop their platform is the stage, with the Wallabies it's the field.
One is pretty and picturesque in every way, the other is life/body on the line just to ensure scores are put on the board.

They couldn't be more different.
Yet i enjoy watching both all the same. I didn't just recently get into these, it's just that the Rugby World Cup is currently on and its funny how one moment i'm watching one to the other.

Just a random post. Who said i can't have fun with my blog? xD


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